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STEP seeks Mid-Ulster Action on Refugees

07 September 2015

STEP Press statement: Mid-Ulster Community Action on Refugees

Can Mid-Ulster make a shared humanitarian effort and make homes available in Mid-Ulster for refugee families and individuals fleeing war and terror?

STEP thinks we could and we should. Already many people have shown their solidarity by contributing to the collections of immediate aid for those waiting desperately in Calais and other European informal camps but we need to do more.

To recover their faith in humanity, refugees need to be surrounded by human solidarity not walls and wire. Traumatised people should not be held in camps like prisoners of war when they manage to reach safety. We need to take refugees into our communities across the Council area.

The UK government is directly in charge of refugee provision and has national and international obligations. They will be setting out plans on a larger scale but while they are getting their act together, we can be getting ourselves organised to ensure that here, in N. Ireland, both government and society do the most, not the least, they can for the people caught in this human tragedy they did not create.

We believe that in Mid-Ulster there is a will, and working together we will be able to find the way, to accommodate at least one family in every village; at least two in every town, remembering also that some people will be alone, the sole member of an extended family to escape or even survive. It is a very modest target when you break it down to several neighbourhoods working together to welcome and foster one family group. If you want to help call us on our dedicated Community Action for Refugees line: 028 8774 1960.



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