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Migrant Project » Services We Offer

Migrant Project » Services We Offer

The Law and Migrant Rights Centre provides professional legal advice and information in the areas of immigration, employment, social security, housing and education. We are committed to providing high quality, accessible and seamless legal advice and information to the local community as well as the migrant community and the black and minority ethnic groups. Many members of these communities are marginalised and socially isolated, on one hand as a result of living in rural isolated areas and on the other as a result of their inability to access services. Using this facility, clients can avail of free legal advice and representation. Additional front line services provided here include:

1. Immigration advice (at OISC Level 3)

STEP has achieved Level 3 status from the O.I.S.C (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) for the provision of this advice, extending our existing provision of service to migrant workers in training, advocacy, employment rights clinics and community development. Achieving this status through OISC is a quality benchmark of service provision, and also fulfils legal requirements – (it is unlawful for individuals to give advice without gaining OISC level status). STEP is only one of three voluntary organisations in NI legally competent and authorised to do this work apart from some law firms.

2. Employment advice (which includes representation before the Office of Industrial and Fair Employment Tribunal assistance with registration for National Insurance numbers)

3. Signposting/referrals to relevant organisations and to other STEP support (eg ESOL; skills development, community development, social networking)

4. Enrolment process for doctors, schools etc

5. Housing advice through Supporting People (see Community Development)

6. Providing individual support for homeless and those vulnerable to homelessness (Supporting People project – use as hyperlink)

7. Benefit advice (including representation before the Appeal Tribunal)

Appointments are necessary to attend the Law and Migrant Rights Centre. Free language support is available at the centre. Our in-house language support workers work on allocated days during the week.

All other languages are covered by interpreters. To make an appointment at the centre, contact reception on 028 87752011

We also operate a support centre in Magherafelt.

Magherafelt Community Support Centre

13 Queen St, Magherafelt,
BT45 6AA

Opening hours:
Please call for details

Tel 028 79 633079 or email magherafelt@stepni.org

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