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Migrant Project » Overview

Migrant Project » Overview

S.T.E.P. Migrant Workers’ Support Project has been operating since 2001 when employees and other individuals volunteered advice and guidance for Migrant Workers coming to the Dungannon area. From 2002, with funding assistance from S.T.A.P. (LSP) and the Community Fund a more formalised Migrant Support Project was established.

Since this initial work with Portuguese speakers (from Brazil, East Timor, Portugal, Cape Verde etc.), a wide range of nationalities from Polish to Czech to Lithuanian make up the Migrant Community in South Tyrone and further afield. With the increased number of migrant workers, our range of services, projects, activities and staff working within the Migrant Workers’ Support Project has evolved and diversified.

The following areas are covered by the Migrant Workers' Support Project at S.T.E.P.

1. Community capacity development
2. Individual support for accessing services, advice and information
3. Language support programme
4. Training opportunities
5. Interpreting and Translation Services

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