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Interpreting Services » Booking an Interpreter or Translation

Interpreting Services » Booking an Interpreter or Translation


Interpreter booking line: 028 87750 213 

Booking forms are also available by calling our interpreter booking line on 028 87750 213, or you can download a booking form for interpreting or translation services by clicking here - alternatively use our online interpreter booking form below.

Solicitors should book by contacting the office directly on 028 877 50213.

Try to allow at least three working days prior to the appointment date. This increases the chances of getting an interpreter and allows preparation for the interview e.g. researching specialised vocabulary.

We will normally confirm the attendance of an interpreter within 24 hours or will contact you if we are unable to assist.

Please confirm the appointment time with the client to avoid missed appointments and cancellations. Where possible, please ensure the client needing the interpreter is seen as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary costs.


Translation booking line: 028 87750 213 or email clare@stepni.org

Email document for translation to clare@stepni.org and either telephone or make clear in your email the language(s) required and the desired turnaround

Once a word count is completed - you will be provided with a quote from Translation Services by email or telephone.

You must verify you wish to go ahead with the translation and in most cases pay a 50% deposit. Translations will normally take one week to process - for a more urgent turnaround and extra charge may apply.

Translated documents can be sealed and returned in hard copy format or can be emailed. Most languages can be covered.

Online Interpreter Booking Form
A. Service Provider Details
Name of Service Provider:
Address of Service Provider:
Booked by:      Position:
Tel:      Fax:
Invoice sent to (if different from above):

B. Client Details
Client's Name:
Language:      Dialect (where applicable):
Country of Origin :
Gender of Interpreter Requested:

C. Appointment Details
Date:      Time:
Address to the appointment venue:
Contact Name:  Department (if applicable):
General Nature and Context of Appointment
(this section very important to allow the interpreter to conduct research on the subject)
Specific Interpreter Requested (name where applicable):
To discourage Spamming on our Booking form - please type the word Orange into the box:

Please note the following:

Follow-up appointments

You may make arrangements with the client and interpreter at the end of an appointment for any follow-up appointments. This is a provisional arrangement only. You must then contact 028 877 50213, complete a booking form and send it to S.T.E.P. for each appointment.


A notice of 36 hours prior to the appointment must be given, otherwise the minimum fee is charged. Travel expenses may be added to this fee if the interpreter is already on their way to the meeting point

Missed appointments

The interpreter will wait up to 30 minutes from the appointed time. S.T.E.P. will charge the minimum fee and the interpreter’s travel expenses


A complaints card is available for users of the service. Details of complaints/feedback or suggestions should be written on the complaints card and forwarded to our interpreting team who will contact the service user within 48 hours to discuss the specific issue and necessary actions.

Please contact our interpreting team if you do not wish to have the same interpreter again and another interpreter may be arranged.

Interpreting Booking Line

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