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Community Development » Overview

Community Development » Overview

Community Development always has and will continue to underpin the work of STEP in the local South Tyrone area and in other locations across Northern Ireland. All the activities carried out by the organisation are done so to further the opportunities for community members to improve their participation in the socio-economic life of their locale. Quality and efficiency is ensured by retaining a dedicated community development team, responding to ever-changing community needs and dynamics and working with those most likely to be left out of the process, the project, the policy, the partnership – whatever that might be.

STEP has acquired many years of experience in a wide range of areas. From nurturing new groups and delivering short-term capacity building projects to building interagency partnerships, this team is the cornerstone of the vast range of STEP activities. The team bridge significant gaps in service provision within the community, often piloting activities without additional external resources or with income generated by Step Training and Learning (STL).

When the collective work of developing, resourcing and designing projects is complete, they are delivered within and across the organisational departments including the community development department.

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Local Information

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STEP Managed Strategic Partnership Programmes

STEP maintains management responsibility for a number of programme and projects including:

Stronger Together -  A regional multi- sectoral network of organisations, groups and individuals working in field racial equality and ethnicity or with a client base that includes members of the BME population www.strongertogetherni.org 

An Tearmann - A Traveller Community Health Support programme operating in the Coalisland area offering training projects, advice, guidance and support.

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