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Community Development » FAQs

Community Development » FAQs

Q. Is STEP involved only with the Migrant Community?

No - while STEP has taken on groundbreaking work with the Migrant Population in Northern Ireland, the organisation existed to serve people in the South Tyrone since 1997 - long before the arrival of the new Migrant population. STEPs work and projects are determined by the needs of the community it serves - therefore, throughout the 13 years of work to date it has been involved in working with people with disabilities, women returners to work, unemployed, ex -prisoners and other groups or individuals isolated from mainstream services and opportunities.

Q. Can STEP help my local community group?

Yes - if your group wishes to seek advice on best practice and to make project links, we are happy to assist you. We can also provide services such as cost efficient room and equipment hire and marketing services.


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