S.T.E.P. Training and Learning Ltd

South Tyrone Empowerment Programme
The Junction
12 Beechvalley Way
Dungannon, Co Tyrone
BT70 1BS

Tel:028 8775 0211
Email: info@stepni.org

About Us

About Us

Established in 1997, STEP is a not for profit community development organisation based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. Our range of services has continually diversified in response to changing community needs and gaps in service provision. We have grown to provide both local and regional services to the community.

Our Aim

To contribute to building a rights – based, participative, peaceful and prosperous society which provides equality of access and opportunity, embraces diversity and respects difference.

Our Objective

To enable those most vulnerable to marginalisation, disadvantage and exclusion, to develop the confidence and skills to be heard; to identify their own strengths and needs; to access the support and expertise to help them in finding solutions and advocating social change.

Our Methods

From our initial work in 1997, STEP has translated its aims and objectives into community action through community development principles. STEP exists as an organic organisation, growing and evolving in order to meet the changing needs of our developing society. Our organisational activities and projects range from small group development to large partnership projects and trans-national networks, but the core purpose and principles never change.

Our Financial Resources

STEP is a ‘mixed economy’ organisation. We have no core government funding. We compete for project grant-aid from public funds at local, regional and European level. We also secure financial investment from philanthropic organisations, and small private donations. STEP is also a registered charity and is the single shareholder in the community enterprise company STL, which generates income for the charity.

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